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Integrative Medicine for Common Breastfeeding Concerns PDF Print E-mail

Here are handouts to address common breastfeeding issues that include herbal, nutritional and mind-body modalities

Download this file (-2003 Word Thrush Handout1.pdf)Thrush Integrative Medicine Handout[Thrush integrative medicine handout]114 Kb
Download this file (-Word 2003 Colic Handout1.pdf)Colic Integrative Medicine Handout[Colic Integrative Medicine Handout]104 Kb
Download this file (-Word 2003 Enough Milk Handout1.pdf)Milk Supply Integrative Medicine Handout[Milk Supply Integrative Medicine Handout]111 Kb
Download this file (Engorgement Handout.pdf)Engorgement Integrative Medicine Handout[Engorgement Integrative Medicine Handout]278 Kb
Download this file (Word 2003 Mastitis Handout2.pdf)Mastitis Integrative Medicine Handout[Mastitis Integrative Medicine Handout]108 Kb
Ensuring Successful Breastfeeding PDF Print E-mail

Provider support and knowledge makes a difference in rates of breastfeeding success and exclusivity. Help your community by offering sound advice to ensure breastfeeding success.

Resources and Handouts for Dads on Breastfeeding


Benefits of Breastfeeding PDF Print E-mail

So many benefits and so many great handouts. Find one that you think your patients will like.


  • You can find handouts on all kinds of breastfeeding topics at the AAP Healthy Children website
  • Diabetes: Native populations have higher rates of diabetes. Here is information on how important breastfeeding is in prevention.
  • Obesity:  The United States Breastfeeding Comittee has a strong position statement on how breastfeeding is an important component of obesity prevention

What to expect PDF Print E-mail

What to expect: Give families information about what to expect and they will be more likely to stick with breastfeeding even if they face some common challenges.




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