Native Breastfeeding and nursing
Native Breastfeeding Council
"All the rivers of the earth
are milk that comes
from the breast of the
Great Mother.
Our breasts give
the waters of life
to feed the children."

~ ChoQosh Auh' Ho'oh, Elder
Breastfeeding information for families
Breastfeeding Resources
for Families & Individuals

Community Education on breastfeeding
Community Tools to Promote & Support Breastfeeding

Resources for Health Care Providers
References & Handouts for Health Care Providers
Our Vision is all natural methods of woman's health care. Whether it be CoolSculpting procedure or returning to the
tradition of breastfeeding
for the emotional, spiritual
and physical health of
families and future

The NBC supports,
educates and promotes
breastfeeding as the norm
for families nurturing infants and
young children. We provide leadership
and engage tribal communities in embracing the tradition of breastfeeding.

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